MingTian Construction is a specialist property development company, principal contractor and project management organisation. We have an enviable reputation for delivering quality, professionalism, reliability and service throughout Metropolitan Sydney.
The company commenced operations over 10 years ago and remains privately owned family business to this day. Bolstered with loyal professional people as part of that family, with a proven track record of major construction projects completed throughout all Sydney.
Our philosophy is based upon delivering exceptional quality, innovation and ecologically sustainable design. We have a portfolio of projects across Sydney & China, with a goal of building tomorrow’s lifestyle today complemented with contemporary design. Our quality of workmanship has constantly been commended by our peers and is reflected in our end product deliverables.
We have impeccable financial, safety & delivery records and adopt conservative management policies to perpetuate our reputation, maintain clients as well as develop and foster relationships with subcontractors, suppliers and all stakeholders.

Project & Design Management

As career project management specialists, MingTian project managers build the bridge between business need and technology capability, thus mitigating risk and promoting the desired outcomes of projects, programmes and portfolio management.
With the requisite experience to steer a project from scope to completion and the ability to interact and negotiate with stakeholders across the business, our project managers offer the necessary core competencies to execute the projects deliverables.
Our Project Management team is results-oriented which offers specialist project management services, encompassing project, programme and portfolio management, with expertise within a number of verticals

Project management is a multifaceted discipline.
Delivering projects that are aligned with business strategy requires the right skills and expertise from the outset.
MingTian’s Project Management team is resourced with highly experienced professionals, templates, tools and techniques that facilitate better implementation of projects.
MingTian’s project managers understand how to use the fundamentals of project management within the triple constraints of time, costs and quality to achieve optimal outcomes.


Our head office is located in the outskirts of Parramatta CBD, geographically positioned to service the rapidly growing and ever expanding Western Sydney.
Our ability to successfully deliver large, complex projects has received industry accolades for professional excellence and earned us a reputation for first class innovation. Importantly, it has enabled us to showcase our technical capabilities and high standards of safety, quality and environmental management.
Each MingTian project team has a dedicated administration team, comprising of a Project Manager and Contracts Administrator who coordinate the program and procurement scheduling to facilitate the site team in their successful delivery of our projects. The site teams are complimented with a very experienced Site Manager, along with their teams, they are easily capable of delivering every project on program, within cost and quality requirements whilst maintaining WHS&E legislative requirements.
We have a strong support network from our experienced pool of consultants that can create the very environments our clients request as well as assist the project team in achieving realistic desired outcomes.

Workplace Health & Safety

MingTian Constructions are committed to perpetuating our strong culture of health and safety at each and every one of our workplaces which is monitored, and our teams are mentored by our Construction Manager through a rigorous consultation process.

Each project follows a Master Builders of Australia Workplace Health & Safety Management Plan which complies with the WHS Act 2011 and WHS Regulations 2011. The plan has two parts, with the first part applying to all construction projects and activities and includes the company WHS philosophy, policy, procedures, and the WHS roles and responsibilities of personnel. The second part is specific to the project/site.

Our project site teams maintain a safety culture of mandatory induction, toolbox meetings, daily site inspections, performance monitoring and compliance. Our approach to safety; is that everyone is responsible for safety, with senior management involved on regular basis with safety at the coal face. This site interface permits a transparent consultation process that facilitates site worker access to senior management on safety issues and vice versa.

Our goal in this high risk environment is always to find the balance between production and safety that allows for all of our people and those associated with us, to get home safely at the end of a hard day’s work.

Quality Assurance

At MingTian Construction, we deliver high quality projects to its customers. We have an exceptional reputation within the industry for outstanding quality, which through word of mouth has led to repeat clientele and many client recommendations. We have a firm commitment to our stakeholders to provide complete satisfaction and deliver a successful outcome. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all projects are completed efficiently, to the highest quality, within budget and on time to meet the client’s expectations
MingTian Construction has a committed program to comply with the International and Australian Quality Assurance Standard ISO 9001:2008. Our Quality Management System Program ensures that quality procedures are met and maintained. The system ensures consistency and improvement of working practices. Projects include the implementation of our quality systems and preparation at the commencement of each project on-site means processes are controlled.